Monday, November 24, 2008

Bright Idea

When we first decided to paint out house, the first question Jelani posed was, "can it not be green?" Caylan and Travis Wagar, our amazingly talented, painterly friends dropped off some color samples for us to skim through. After an entire 15 collective minutes I decided on "bright idea" as the color for our living room. Here is a picture of our new living area:


While I don't remember the name of our bedroom and newly painted bathroom, I think we all agreed that it is quite bright. It seems to cheer things up quite a bit.


Anyhow, thanks so much Caylan and Travis, for all your help and master rolling skills. Love you guys.


Jelani Memory said...

I was going through my google reader and came across these photos and was like....whoah...that looks like a cool room....then i was like...thats our room. awesome!

Caylan Wagar said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Great color choices!

michelle allen said...

LOVE your colors. Your living room is so inviting!