Friday, May 1, 2009


I am so excited to share the good news; Jelani and I finally found the new house we're moving into- this June!!! We are stoked to settle into a family-sized home with a proper oven and dishwasher! And better yet, it has plenty of room for baby! The backyard is kid-friendly with a playhouse and a play set right outside our own backyard!
Since becoming pregnant I have discovered the importance of a safe yard, a mold-free bathroom and other such baby-friendly necessities. ( : I want to thank and send many, many blessings out to Lori and Lance Charlish who will be renting their home to us come June!
More good news: my 19th week is coming up in just 2 weeks! This marks the exciting date for the Sex ultra sound! We had previously scheduled the ultra sound for my birthday, but a recent check-up with my doctor called for a reschedule. Looks like we'll have the "boy or girl?" question answered right around the 16th of May!
Which brings me back to the original news about the house... I can't express how excited I am to work on the new nursery. Though we will be working with a small nursery budget, I am looking forward to working on some creative projects for the new baby! I'd like to actually paint my own changing table to mimic this (very expensive) one from Baby Posh!

So, after the move and as the creative projects start rolling... I will be posting pictures of my baby ventures ( : More to come!

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