Thursday, August 27, 2009


Tonight is one of those nights that I just can't sleep. A recent slew of birthing nightmares (including one where my baby girl came out with misplaced boy-parts) has me anxious to fall asleep these nights. During my obsessive research on the subject, I discovered that a lot of mothers experience these nightmares previous to labor. So far I have found no sound connection bewteen these subconscious fears and their actualization's. I will count that as a blessing and recite this to myself when I finally attempt to sleep tonight.
On a lighter note, the weather has taken a turn for the better ( : I can sleep through the night, with only one bathroom interruption (versus 6+) if it's cool enough. And it has been. Our air-conditioner, a steal at only $150, has been a true lifesaver this anomalous summer. The "white noise" causes me to sleep a lot lighter however, so I am uncharacteristically giddy to see fall and her dropping temperatures approaching this year; cheers to cool, quiet nights.
Speaking of Fall, who would have thought that I would have an Autumn baby? Not me. Most of the women in my family were born in the summer months, which should give you an idea of their Winter activities, wink wink. I am kind of excited to see what effect that has on my child... Ella will experience her first year of life so much differently than I did mine. Of course, she would have anyhow, being raised in Portland rather than Texas.
Though I am not much into Astrology, I have had a few friends tell me about my daughter's predicted disposition. According to the stars (and maybe a few planets?), she will be a friendly child... both romantic and charming. Also, her sign -the Libra- represents "balance", which is somewhat of a relief if you have met any (and most of) my family; needless to say, none of my family would claim balance as a key characteristic.
Perhaps my fiery spirit and the calm of my husband will foster this supposed balance in our Ella. As a matter of fact, this makes more sense to me than an alignment of the stars ( :

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