Sunday, September 27, 2009

Black and White set

Same team on these shots, but different look.


I loved the team on this shoot... Terri Lodge, Rebecca Westby, and model- Stephanie Leppert. I forget how inspiring it is to work with other creatives who share such a similar vision! Collaboration is supposed to be the fun, exciting part and with these ladies it truly was! Even after 7 hours of shooting, it did not feel like work ( :
Anyhow, I am expecting Ella to arrive in about 2 weeks (she can come any day now though) so I'm working on a couple of last wedding albums in tandem. I won't be posting the rest of our shots from this shoot until much later, I'm afraid. But I'm POSITIVE Jelani will be getting some great shots of our new daughter ( :

Will keep ya'll posted!

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