Thursday, October 8, 2009

Belly Time

Second shot by Q. I like this one more because it's so simple ( : I was only 36 weeks in this photo, but this Saturday I will be 40 weeks!!! That means I'll be full term, can you believe it??
The doctor says my body is ready to have her any time, but who knows when that will be exactly? That was 3 days ago and I still don't "feel" any different... haven't had any positive intuitions.
I always heard that the end was the worst part and only now do I realize that it's not due to pain or discomfort, but the anxiety of WAITING! I know I'm supposed to stay relaxed, so my relaxation slash distraction strategy begins tomorrow! (Think: shopping, nesting, cleaning- and not necessarily in that order!)


jenny said...

hi lavenda, i hope you don't mind that i looked at your blog.... i love your photography! i just wanted to say that you are such a beautiful person and i am so glad that you get to bring a baby into this world :) and your right waiting is the worst part...

lavenda memory said...

Thanks so much!!