Monday, January 25, 2010

To Be Announced

Patience. This is what my husband teaches me.

I recently stumbled across an idea (to be announced!) for a business expansion (photography, of course) and per my usual status, became FRANTIC to set everything up right away. My extremely bright, better half interrupted my doomed pace with some logical inquiries and advice. So, here's the deal:
I WILL be updating and revamping my blog. I WILL be launching an additional site. And lastly, I WILL be rebranding my photo business.
Unfortunately, none of this will occur until I have met all of my short and long-term goals on the -literal- business side of the business. My current time line for this expansion is:

March 21: Print Fliers
April 1: Develop New Brand
May 1: Launch New Site

With this 3 month timeline, I hope to reign in and refine some of this creative energy. As you may have noticed, I have not announced what this expansion entails, but no worries! It's on the calendar ( :

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