Monday, February 8, 2010

A Doll's Life

I found myself inspired by a 2006 W shoot a few months back and began putting a team together to reinterpret the editorial, starring Natalia Vodianova. Although, we decided to go in more of a "doll" direction, my awesome Mua friend, Terri Lodge found the perfect hair piece at a local sex shop (hey, you try and find a great pink wig anywhere else!) and we cast Heather Reider as our porcelain doll.
Here are a few photos from our first set. More locations and sets to come!

Hair and Makeup by: Christine Marie
Wardrobe: Rebecca Westby
Assistant: Nick Wilson


nick said...

I love love love these

Erin said...

lovely. reminds me of Gwen Stefani in her Alice in Wonderland phase paired with her Return to Saturn phase. just beautiful, can't wait to see more!

lavenda memory said...

Yes! I think someone mentioned that similarity as we were shooting ( :

nick said...

Inspiration! :)

Christine Marie said...