Thursday, May 27, 2010

Working Mama

The pressure to be "Super Mom" is building as the prospect of a very busy summer approaches. I find myself wondering what other working mom's are doing behind closed doors. Do they bounce kids on their knee with one hand, while typing (and editing photos) with the other? Are Portland's mom's checking for drool spots on their sweaters before meeting up with clients?
My favorite part of working from home this year has been watching my daughter grow plump, learn to crawl and gain a voice. She is my inspiration for everything now. I email clients and process photos while listening to her play with blocks beside my desk, or to the static of the monitor as she naps. I realize I am lucky to work from home with such a small child. The flexibility means that I get to watch my daughter grow up. I get to take breaks when she needs me and can take advantage of her down time from my home office.
But what happens when business begins to take off as it has been these past couple months? I'm not sure how other moms do it. I can't imagine leaving Ella all day as a regular part of my schedule, missing out on all the little moments and (gasp!) possibly the big ones!
In response to this growing need- this next season in our lives- I've begun to consider a more regular babysitter for Ella, someone who can watch her and play with her while I'm here. Of course, we have a neighborhood friend who can watch her sporadically, but I'm talking about a regular schedule. Something that I can create my work flow around.
Anyhow, Jelani and I have the subject on the table. We are excited to embrace our new roles as parents and want to make the best decision for Ella and our new, little family. I just know that my daughter, no matter what, will always be a source of inspiration and motivation for my work- never a hindrance!

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Jennifer said...

I take inspiration from you. x