Thursday, June 3, 2010

Give us Your Take on a "Fresh Face"

I was sooo excited to buy my very first Lancome lipstick in a delicious coral last year. For my generation, lipstick has been under the radar all through our makeup-wearing years. The last time I remember lipstick being "in" was in the early 90's when I would sneak into my mothers makeup kit to test out her fire-engine red on my lips and often, rubbed into my cheeks.
Well, welcome to a brand new era where true lip color (none of this colorless gloss counts) reins once again!
Here is a short, beauty editorial on this decade's newest, freshest face (where color IS an option!)


Curvy Confident 30-Something said...


jessica kane

Alisia Ray said...

I love how you captured her gorgeous blue eyes in the last picture.

Erin said...


lavenda memory said...

Thanks all! I really enjoyed working with Sara... she has some great, pale skin to set off her eyes and lips. Perfect for this series!