Thursday, June 24, 2010

Photoshop: Before and After

This is a good example of the skin retouching process, as well as many other photoshop techniques.

You can see the changes in skin texture, where I've removed any blemishes.


Here you can see post work contouring and hair retouching. In the last 2 shots you'll see the differences in angles and the subject's arm size.


Again, here is the first "before" and the final "after".



Erin said...

that is incredible!
I have fiddled a little, but those results are just amazing!

lindsay said...

love before and afters! ;o) good work!

lavenda memory said...

Me too! Thanks ladies ( :

Nicole Klingler said...


I would love to take a photoshop class with you! Interested? Also, I have been dying to find a method of black and white conversion that i like... i struggle with it. I love your monochrome page on flickr. I use cs4. Any pointers!?!?!

Lavenda Memory said...

Thanks so much Nicole! Sorry, I didn't see your comment on here until now. I am going to start offering some photoshop classes, 1 hour at a time if you are still interested. You should shoot me an email ( :