Monday, August 2, 2010

Broken Bones and Material Things

I hesitate to say this, but yes, I do think Jelani and I are finally getting used to the whole parenting slash working thing. It's harder than I thought. I mean, even with the flexibility of working from home it's a major strain on work flow. I've found that this new "nearly-toddler" stage can drive a person crazy, what with Ella crawling halfway up our stairs of death before you can say "slow down" or tha fact that she can now reach table tops and bookshelves full of unrealized death objects.
Gosh, even as I write this, Ella is pulling down beautiful vintage books and trying to shred them with her front teeth. For the umpteenth time mind you.

So, as I said, I think we may be getting used to things. I can't say it doesn't bother me to replace a $90 slobbery, power cord, or nearly give me grays each time Ella nearly knocks over a lamp. But I may have relaxed a bit. I mean, they are just material things and broken bones ARE bound to happen, right?

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