Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top, top secret surprise.

So, I have a top, top secret surprised planned for Jelani this Valentines day. I am not usually one for big surprises. Not that I don't LOVE receiving them, but honestly- all the planning and keeping my mouth shut required to give SOMEONE ELSE a surprise is beyond me. Until this year!

This year, I have managed to put together a fun surprise (no clues to be posted unfortunately!) for this big, girly, lovers weekend.


To kind of get myself in the mood for this glitter, paper-heart month, I thought I'd start playing around with some red lipsticks, maybe even add a little "somethin somethin" to my wardrobe in RED.
I'm on the lookout, but if you have any suggestions, please let me know! A great lip color, or maybe a red necklace would be awesome!


Erin said...

I was TOTALLY sold on the new Gwen Stefani Loreal red lipstick ads...bought myself a gorgeous red one that I even mustered up the courage to wear to work, during the day!

Loreal Infallible in Refined Ruby...yum.

Lavenda Memory said...

fantastic! I am going to find it and give it a go!