Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hearts and Cookies

February is such a complicated month. It's a new year, full of change and resolutions. Winter is nearly over, but slightly depressing because of the ongoing rain. And then there is Valentines day, which falls just a couple weeks before my wedding anniversary. Every year I find myself wondering, where in the world did January go? This year was no different.
The Holidays flew by and even though business is often a bit slower in the winter, life did not slow down in the Memory household. Ella is 16 months now and running around like a little mad woman down each path, corner and sidewalk she can find!
It's exciting for this mama to know that Nana's house is just a few blocks away, where Ella loves to expend some of her go-go-go energy! Nana Lori (Ella's Godmother put's on this elaborate Valentines party for all family children and acquaintances alike! Last year was Ella's first year, but it was pretty anti-climactic once we had her dressed up in a foufy valentines dress (also purchased by her Nana!) because last year, at an entire 4 months old, Ella was more like a pretty sack of potatoes than anything else. Her talents at that point were, tracking lights with a very slow gaze and smiling if she had gas.
THIS year was light years different- or to be more exact- one year different. But for a baby, let's just say light years!!!

Ella experienced so many fun firsts such as sipping from a ceramic mug, eating her first cookie and scone, and putting a couple words together for her first "sentence".

Here is a video capturing a few of the events:

Video created by my hubby, Jelani Memory

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