Sunday, June 12, 2011

About Me

My beautiful little girl loves to run around after her bath screaming "dad dee, dad dee" throughout the house. When she finally finds her dad she drops her towel in excitement and runs around naked.
Yesterday, we let this beautiful moment carry on a touch too long and found ourselves cleaning wee, little baby turds off our hardwood floors.
It occurred to me that this year has been so busy chasing pooping babies (amongst lots of work related things, I assure you) that my photo blog has kind of morphed into this photo-only site.
Just to update you on what we've been doing here at the Memory household, let me start by saying I LOVE my baby girl and her wily ways.

If we want to cut my life up like a pizza graph, I'd say she's half my pie. Yeah, that sounds about right. If you consider that I spend a quarter of my life actually snoozing, she definitely takes up that big wakeful chunk!


Her latest phase (as seen above) is ALL about heels. Mama's heels. She doesn't seem attracted to Jelani's dirty old vans or his plaid house shoes. I wonder why?

Second passion of my life right now is my career. I am a photographer slash actress. I know it sounds like I am probably trying to do TOO many things and you're probably thinking:

"Wow. Are you a director slash writer too?" To which I would answer (while blushing)

"Um, yes." But only kind of. And not really at all on the former.

My photo business seems to be exploding as far as clients and word of mouth go. I am LOVING all the headshot clients (Hooray Portland Actors!) who I've been meeting up with this year. I've even been hearing from tons of super young, tween and teener actors. With my own experience of squirming like a painted bullseye squirel in front of the camera, I am having a fabulous time relaying bits of advice to these actors on how to play it cool. In front of the camera that is.

On more exciting ventures, I am have met up with a couple of retailers and designers who want me to shoot their look books this summer. THIS is what I'm TALKING about! Look books and edgier, fly by the seat of your pants shoots are soooo my favorite. We've already begun location scouting and casting for the perfect models! Can't wait for this late-blooming summer to finally kickstart!

For those of you haven't stopped by site, recently here is the photo NOW on my landing page:


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