Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Behind the Lens: A Personal Update

Wow. I am so busy and so exhausted from being busy that I have been losing my mind and my wallets.
Yes, that's right- plural- not just one wallet filled with $300 cash, but three days later- my replacement wallet with my license inside.
I feel like a completely insane person, waking up early, getting my daughter to school, talking to clients while editing photos and eating lunch at my desk so that I can read more emails and send out paperwork, blah, blah, blah. I am working till midnight (if not later) and feeling sad about not seeing my daughter and then crazy for losing stuff left and right.
I agree with what you're thinking- I'm too freaking busy. But on a bright note, this crazy season sort of levels off mid- March and I found BOTH wallets. Yayyyy!
One was returned a few days later by a handyman cleaning up a shoot space where I'd been. The other was hanging on my door in my office, haha. I just had to take a moment to actually take a breath and truly look for it.

Here's a photo from a shoot I did recently with Haley Graham. She's a lifestyle photographer who I absolutely adore and I need new shots for my print book so it was a match made in photo-heaven...

 photo mebyhaleyBLOG2_zps9ec526f0.jpg

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