Saturday, March 2, 2013

Portland Fashion Photographer: Model Portfolio Shoots

Really enjoyed shooting this second round of models for Portfolio Updates. Had a great team including Samantha Lemiux, who creates custom styling guides for each model (even the ones who opt- OUT of personal styling) and Kelly Peach, who helps us retranslate each model into our personal vision of fashion, or lifestyle or athleticism... We also had the honor of shooting at Union Pine, which was an inspiring, gorgeous space for all three sessions.
Here's just a few sneak peeks at what we do...
You'll see that we were able to capture everything from high fashion editorial models ready for international markets all the way to lifestyle models and beachy blonde babes :)
Oh! And all models are from Muse Models this time around.

 photo AnnieTeaserBlog_zps18983716.jpg

 photo SELITAFB_zps8b18e81a.jpg
 photo brennapeek_zpsa559282b.jpg

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