Friday, August 2, 2013

Meet our Newest Intern: Lauren Svatos

Lauren joined us for the summer, because she wanted hands on experience with her new Cannon DSLR. She came into the internship already equipped with a camera and quickly learned the ropes of prepping and assisting on set. I've seen her- literally- shaking in her boots (okay, maybe they were flats, but still) to hold up a reflector with sun beating down on her beautiful sandy locks. She's a reflective, hard worker- My kind of girl.

 photo LaurenSvatos-101_zpsb15d268e.jpg

What was your first job ever?
My first real job was a receptionist at my neighbors salon (Modele Salon). I only worked there over the summer. 

What's your favorite thing to do after you get out of work?
Most often I'll work the early morning shift. By the time I get home I'm exhausted and ready to take a cat nap before I begin the second half of my day. 

What do you love most about Portland?
I love Portland because everything is at my fingertips. This city has good good, coffee, style and adventure on the outskirts. Most of all, the people. They're always so genuine. 

About photography?
What I love most about photography is I'm continually growing and striving to be better. I don't think there will ever come a time in this industry when that'll stop. 

What's your most awkward experience on set with Lavenda (ahem) so far?
Most awkward experience, I don't think there have been a lot. It's probably more embarrassing for me than anything, but having my arms shake from holding the reflector for a couple minutes... It's my new workout for that day. 

 photo LaurenSvatos-100_zps86c9c225.jpg

Choose: Chips or Chocolate
Definitely chips, I'm a salty over sweet girl anyday! 

Choose: Flats or Heels
Flats, I can be myself when wearing these and they're most comfortable.

Welcome Lauren! We are excited to have you in the fam for the rest of the summer.


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