Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rockin it in Los Angeles

There's something to be said about friend-chemistry. I felt like I was hanging with an old friend all day with Carley, who showed me some local digs in LA my second day there. We shopped and had lunch and giggled all day like crazy, silly girls. We bought matching midi-rings at Milk and then promised to get our ears pierced together (that second part fell through of course). It was so much fun though! I feel like I made a life long friend this weekend!

 photo meandcarley-100_zps44762590.jpg

 photo meandcarley-101_zpsa094c2c2.jpg

 photo meandcarley-102_zps197a6d6c.jpg

 photo meandcarley-104_zps4eaf4cc6.jpg

 photo meandcarley-103_zps0116f6b8.jpg

Anyhow, we connected with her boo, Jake, later in the day (who is equally as awesome AND a follow actor)! I grabbed these candid shots of them at the magic hour, which is made even more beautiful in West Hollywood's tropical setting. Love you guys so much! Thanks for rocking my weekend babes.

 photo CarleyandJake-101_zpsc12a39b5.jpg

 photo carleyandjake2_zpsf3e7c393.jpg

 photo CarleyandJake-108_zps2f4cc041.jpg

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