Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Before and After Headshot


I wanted to post the "After" photo first, because I want you to experience it- first glance- as a finished shot. ( : I chose to go with black and white in this photo, because Holly, the model, is trying to build a basic portfolio for her modeling book.

Here is the "After photo". I will discuss the changes I applied at the bottom.

Here are the following steps I took in processing this shot:

1. I did a basic cleanup of her skin.
2. I blurred out some of her lines and bumps.
3. I realigned her lips and nose.
4. I applied a high pass layer- only to her eyes, brows and details of her shirt.
5. I thinned her neck and realigned her shoulders.
6. I brightened her face and neck.
7. I "multiplied" or darkened the background.
8. Back in lightroom, I added some blacks.


Anisa said...

this is amazing Lavenda. Do you use photoshop, or is light room another program?
I'm so glad you posted this, I did tutorial recently involving high pass and it was horrible, it didn't look natural at all.

lavenda memory said...

there are several levels of the high pass that you can use... I like to use an extreme layer just over the eyes and brows to make them "pop". Otherwise, I use it sparingly.