Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mama Baby Yoga

After three months of nausea and extreme fatigue in my first trimester, I stopped going to the gym regularly. Since I'm not much of a runner, I had to pick up some form of exercise, which I found in prenatal pilates on the Ball. I'm excited to get back into the rhythm of things post-baby and would like to continue on the Pilates/Yoga route that I've begun.
Luckily, I found this great class at my FAVORITE spa Zenana (located in SE Portland) that offers new moms a chance to workout with their babies in tow. I'm all for a baby/mama class... Makes scheduling in a workout MUCH easier!
What's better than a FREE introduction class as well? It's only once a month, but you can begin learning the postnatal stretches as soon as 3 weeks after delivery!

MamaStretch - FREE!
register onlline at www.mamalates.com
Class Level: Beg
First Wednesday of each month October - December
11 am -12 pm

Here's a quick summary of the class I'd like to take:

"Come enjoy conscious movement with your babe while re-connecting with yourself in this unique, uplifting class. Focusing on mindful movement to help reclaim posture and build stamina, we will use a variety of props including resistance bands and balls for a challenging, efficient workout. Awaken and strengthen muscles you didn't even know you had , learn correct biomechanics for holding& lifting your baby & connect with other Mamas."

I will say that at $15 a class, however, I'm expecting some miraculous results ( : This class is more spendy compared to it's baby-free counterparts.

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