Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy One Week Ella!


This past week has been a dream... Jelani and I bonding with our newborn daughter, spending quality family time getting to know one another, eating all kinds of home-cooked meals brought over by friends and family...
Okay, well, maybe it's not 100% dream material. There are the long nights of sleep, wake, feed, change diapers, sleep, wake feed and change more diapers. You get the idea. Then there is the emotional roller-coaster caused by my post baby hormones, which is a ride the family is forced to take along beside me ( :
A few days ago I found myself having a small panic attack at the site of a small spider that had run inches past my feet. My own scream sent me into hysterics, causing my dear, sweet husband to run inside to my aid. When he found out it was just a spider, I started crying and apologizing. Through all of this, Ella slept like... well, like a baby ( :
Somehow, these potential "drawbacks have failed to phase me however. I find myself thankful for the painful learning process of breast feeding, as watching my precious baby fill her tummy gives me an incomparable peace. The daunting task of remaining rested for the next six weeks has managed to inspire within me a previously unfound patience... and these crazy hormone changes have become a reminder of wonderful changes ahead.
Obviously, having a child is a great responsibility and change, but magically and most importantly its also a great blessing and gift. I feel full, revived, in awe. I feel more in love with my gorgeous husband for aiding in the creation of our daughter. I am truly content ( :


Photos by my husband Jelani Memory

Here's Ella "dancing" with Jelani and it looks like she's LAUGHING!!! She's not even a week old in this video!

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jenny said...

perfect baby... beautiful family... so happy for you!