Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Baby Ella

So, after 48 hours of monitoring at the hospital, we arrived home on Wednesday with our newborn baby girl, Ella Marseille. Jelani was such a doll to give her my name as a 2nd middle name, which makes her full name read as:

Ella Marseille Lavenda Memory

We were able to establish breastfeeding within the first hour of Ella's life, so catching on these past few days has been easy peasy. We're giving her a little while to set the new schedule and she's doing a great job so far! We sleep while she sleeps (plus some for Jelani) and oh boy does she sleep right now!

Mama Memory (that is me) is sooo grateful for visitors during this first week. First of all, my body needs time to heal so my daily tasks are limited to changing diapers and breast-feeding- secondly, I LOVE the company during this emotionally overwhelming time. I find myself overjoyed most days to the bring of tears. Yet, other moments I feel entirely sad and lost. I think this may be the signs of early "baby blues". Our good friends and family have been a perfect support and encouragement through their company.

Well, I am getting tired and expecting a visitor any minute now.

Mama Memory: over and out.


Alessandra said...

She's so beautiful! Congrats for you and your husband! :)

jenny said...

what a beautiful creation :) you have done well mama memory! i think "baby blues" is another name for "extreme hormonal changes" haha, don't worry i went through it as well :) lots of love and luck to your wonderful new family!

The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

welcome tiny girl!