Monday, November 16, 2009

Nursery: more pictures up this week

This is a shot of the Rocking Chair Nook that I took the night before Ella's arrival... This is the yellow rocker that we saved from the dump accented with an authentic retro lamp. The awesomely modern side table was a steal at Ross Dress For Less for less than 15 bucks. The tiny white frame is also an thrift store purchase that Jelani picked up at the Salvation Army.
Outside of this frame are many more Goodwill finds. Jelani and I made it our personal project to hunt down old wooden toys and hand paint them for her room. We also found a couple of frames to paint as well.
Since coming home from the hospital I haven't had much time to myself (try attaching 10 pounds of suckling slash screaming flesh to your boob for 4 weeks!) so this is still the only picture I have of the nursery. If you can't tell, it was taken at night so the colors are not coming across spot on, but it will do for now ( : Next ones will be bright and shiny! Oh wait. It IS October isn't it? Well then, they will be normally lit and gloomy ( :
I plan to return to work this week so I will be making the journey up our slick stairs of death where my office and Ella's sweet nursery await!

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