Monday, May 10, 2010

Senior Rep: Elle Ceccanti

We had a super fun shoot with Elle, yesterday. That's pronounced "Ell-lee". Elle had a modern bohemian vibe, so we trecked into the "forests" of good old Mt. Tabor park for some green backdrops. This is one of the last shots we took ( :

Alisia Ray on Makeup


Nicole Klingler said...

Came across your week a while ago on flickr and was amazed. You are WONDERFUL. I am a mommy who litterally picked up a camera 6 months ago and has a huge desire to learn. I know my camera well, but am looking for every learning experiece I can get me hands on with photography. Do you- or you and your husband, do any classes or mentoring sessions? I would love to get together with you to learn from you.

Sincerest regards-

Nicole Klingler

lavenda memory said...

Thanks for your kind words! I don't offer classes at this point, but I do offer internships. I have a full summer schedule, so will need the extra help. Let me know if you're interested.