Monday, August 15, 2011

What Happened: Portland Fashion Photography

I don't know what happened. I realized that I am 26 today first of all. I have been 26 for about 5 months now. A few years ago when I was much much younger, my blog was filled with personal, shameless stories about real life. And then I created a business. And I think the business ate up the former. Sad face. Well enough of all that. My business is me and I am my business. So if it's muddled together, what of it, right? Some cool things I've been working on recently are this short film I wrote, How to Kill a Dead Man. I have a kickstarter campaign up and running for then next 10 days or so. Cool image of our budget here: Photobucket The film is about two strong female assassins who come across an unexpected opponent. It's pretty rad and for those of you with a short attention span, the film will only be about 15 minutes long! Other things I been working on include super fun, fall look books for the likes of Isaac Hers: Photobucket and the new (and up and coming) brand Saint Elyns: Photobucket I have some additional images tucked away for down the road. I'm submitting to some magazines and what not. Blogs are great for features as well though, so please let me know if you think my images would be a good fit ( :

Portland Fashion Photographer Lavenda Memory

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