Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Portland Fashion Photographer: This Girl

I love, love, love to play through photography. It's a relief to step behind my camera and to drop all expectations- to simply observe, interact and then capture. And not to be all cheesy or anything... but it's very nice be inspired by new moments. That's why I like shooting new locations.

The test today was super fun because I had never seen the model, Kara Jean's house. We shot for the first time early summer when there was no need to be indoors. But this time we planned to use her house because of a snapshot I had seen of her bedroom. And her house was perfection!

The house was new to me- the colors, the smells, the sounds- And every interaction I had inside the house was a first, so I felt inspired to simply move things around and play. Thanks goodness she has a terrific sense of style- that certainly doesn't hurt! The walls were bright, the furniture was vintage and spoke of character... It was cool and fun and playful.

Here is a favorite shot inside Kara's bedroom, against a wall decorated with tree bark:


Hair and Makeup: Terri Reece
Styling: Myself
Portland Editorial Photographer Lavenda Memory

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