Sunday, November 6, 2011

Portland Fashion Photographer: Real Life Acting

Just finished up an acting workshop that ran through the entire weekend, Friday-Sunday, totaling up to over 20 hours! I love being an Actress- getting to mix acting with photography and visa versa. Workshops are this incredibly intense environment of... release. Is that a weird word? (Well, whatever then.)
It's totally a communal experience, first of all. Throughout the weekend the spot light was only on me once a day and the rest of my time was spent watching my fellow actors.
Secondly, there is no external pressure to "perform" despite what many think of the vocation. It's simply a safe environment where we get to learn and listen, listen and grow.
As we work through a scene, or go through an exercise it's our jobs as actors to let go of all our preconceived ideas- about ourselves, the situation, the other people in the room- and to simply act and respond truthfully. Basically, we are releasing our stress, our self consciousness and our egos in order to be real for a few moments. And let me tell you- it's freakin awesome!
At the end of a long weekend like this I find myself feeling more sincere about my world view and wanting to be close to those I care about. It affects everything, including my art and/or  photography by clarifying my vision. By pushing me to find truth in others as well.
I have a photo- test scheduled for tomorrow and can't wait to see what kind of photos come out of our play. It's going to be an all-girls-day too! What could be better?!

Me and my girlfriend, Camille, playing at the Solestruck opening:

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