Monday, December 5, 2011

Portland Fashion Photographer: Texas Rain

After flying through record-breaking winds and nearly throwing up on my fellow passengers, I finally arrived in San Antonio, Texas. The city felt grey and beyond the city lights loomed an empty dessert I could only imagine. It felt more or less like Portland until we reached the first country road and then began passing so many deer I lost count. An adventure? Hell yes! The one I expected? Um... definitely not.

Anyhow, I squeezed in a FULL day of shopping at some of my new favorite stores including Barney's New York and Neimen Marcus. I had to remind myself that Christmas is around the corner and I've already got presents under the tree. Still, I was able to get away with a few new outfits that will carry me through the winter and into fall.

Here at the house we have been having fun. I woke up one morning to my brother Sam yelling at me to come see the deer. Oh, it's going to be a couple of cute little domestic deer, I thought, but no. Of course, I stepped outside to an entire COLONY (do they run in colonies?) eating gingerly from Sam's hand. Thank God the tiniest ones were smart enough to dart away. I mean, really? Domestic deer colonies?

Here are some fun shots I took of my beautiful sister, Lorinda (yes, very similar names) one rained-in-day.


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