Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Portland Fashion Photographer: Traveling

I had fun in Texas. Unexpected fun, yes, but still. It was awesome.
My plan was to travel down to Zapata over the weekend so that I could visit my childhood best friend and cousin, Roxy. I was going to stay with her and visit the town to take pictures where I grew up just an hour from her place. My camera was packed and I was ready to go!

Anyhow, none of that happened. All my plans? Out the window of my brothers broken window. First of all, my brothers car broke down the day after I arrived, so I couldn't meet up with Roxy in San Antonio as planned. Secondly, it rained and poured all weekend so that I could barely pull my camera out to take a couple snapshots of the area. Lastly, I thought I was leaving Monday morning and didn't realize my mistake till checking in for my flight at 5am. 

"Ma'am," the woman said in her thick Texan accent. "Please step out of the first class line. Your flight doesn't leave until tomorrow."

Apparently I was more tired than I thought. 

Crazily though, I had the most awesome, fun, relaxing time visiting my family and hanging and driving with broken windows rolled down. It was kind of like going back in time to old family road trips where we would would have to pull the car over every 30 minutes to prevent from puking. But as an adult I get to call SHOT GUN!

And speaking of shot guns, I actually shot my first one at my Aunt Rosie's house which ended up being such an incredible shot of adrenaline I screamed and whooped and then calmly stated I would not be doing that again. (Surprised I didn't blow my hand off to be honest). 


My little brother and sister who are both 9 years younger than me felt like peers this visit which made for some fun conversations. I love getting to know my loved ones in new ways. Cherish and I stayed up all night one night watching youtube videos and laughing hysterically. Who else am I going to do that with?

Anyhow, in a window of dry weather my brother and I hiked through some trails toward the lake by their country house and took some snapshots. It was really pretty peaceful and reminded me of the dessert hills I played in as a kid. And in the end, it felt like I got more than the experience I went looking for. 

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