Monday, July 23, 2012

Portland Fashion Photographer: Back in NYC

I am back in Brooklyn, staying with my good friend, Ty, who also happens to be my boss now and again. We just finished up a couple days of shooting and it was so good, I feel like I need to post everything we just shot TOMORROW! In order to take a nice long day to myself tomorrow, I'll restrain this impulse.
Reinforcing my -what felt like a lacy decision- I came upon this blog post featuring this NY times article about business and all it's many dangers. (cue ghost sound) It reminded me why taking a full day off and pissing around is so important to my mental health and creative energy. Plus, come on now, it's freaking fun.
Tonight, Ty and I went on a spontaneous walk to a pier where apparently ferries boat ya into the city during the day. It was midnight though so we were able to enjoy this incredible, bright-lite view of the city with a handful of other Brooklynites, while we relaxed and laughed and chatted. And most importantly, pissed around.

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