Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Portland Fashion Photographer: First things First

Sometimes facebook and our internet personalities freak me out. I look over- let's say a personal friend's page- and see all these happy, smiling faces when I know in fact that she is going through a tough time at home. Her mom could be dying, but come on- if it's a public profile, that personal event may not ever be shared...

It affects us terribly to consume this warped view of "the other side" where the grass will always be greener on someone else's wall. We are striving for this new age, digital mirage and it's just heartbreaking.

I think I am always rediscovering things, because I'm pretty sure I figured this out before and yet, it feels new this time around. So yeah, I'll call it a rediscovery; I am discovering that taking care of our home lives is incredibly important. I think it starts even closer than that though. I think it starts with ourselves.

So many of us extend our false realities beyond facebook into our cliques, our work place, or our church. And inso doing this we crowd out the true reality- possibly even replacing it. There have been several times I've found myself spending too much time at work, or at promotional events (you can also insert things like community groups or charities if that's your thang) while all the while I am neglecting my own reality, my real life and thus those with whom I'm closest.


This Christmas I am excited to take a couple weeks off for the holidays to slow down, enjoy the holidays, love on my daughter... maybe bake a little. But most importantly, I look forward to sitting still and living, truly living my one true life.

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