Sunday, January 20, 2013

Marc Jacobs Give Away

First things first: This Give Away!! All of the names were written down and folded up according to their posting on my blog... To make it fair, I had my husband shake up all the names and draw the slip of paper himself.
 photo drawing-100_zpsafc0e365.jpg
 photo drawing-101_zps4767f696.jpg
As promised, I drew the name from my hat and here it is... THE WINNER! 
 photo drawing-102_zps0327ea2d.jpg

"Amy S" also know as Amy Stewart is mutual fan. I adore her jewelry line, Jungwha (I of course- own quite a few pieces myself) as well for her fashion and interior design sense. You can see more of her personal style on her blog here.
She will receive this fabulous Marc Jacobs leather pouch from the Neiman Marcus & Target collaboration in the mail and will be filling it with "a diaper, baby wipes, cookies, lip butter, cell phone, eyeliner, and coupons"

Thanks again everyone who submitted for this first 2013 giveaway! I already have some other little treats put aside for upcoming monthly giveaways.

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