Thursday, January 3, 2013

Portland Fashion Photographer: Happy New Year!

It's officially a new year! I hope your New Years Eve celebrations were a blast, whether you were at home on your couch or out on a dance floor!
I had a little bit of both worlds at Aloft Hotel where Jelani and I were able to enjoy a night away from home. I didn't realize they have a fabulous lounge called the W XYZ bar on site as well. When I arrived to check in I asked the front desk where the hotel lobby was, haha. It was so -over-the-top-trendy that I thought for sure I had stumbled upon a restaurant.
Since it's not our thang to stay out all night dancing up a storm, we sat down a storm at the movies and watched "Perks of Being a Wallflower" before returning to the lounge for our toast and a 2013 first dance!

Here's me and J all dressed up for a nice of champagne, toasts and dancing...

And outside the elevators, Jelani is wishing I didn't have a camera in my hands...



Jade Rose.Evelyn.McArthur said...

Cute, cute! Love seeing you two together, glad you could have a night away!

Alice {the CosmicCollage} said...

Nice picture! Sounds like you had a good time. My lover and I would've preferred the movie as well :)
Happy New Year! Looking forward to more of your photography!

Lavenda Memory said...

Thanks Jade and Alice! Yeah, dates nights are coming fewer and fewer lately. Thanks for stopping by my blog ladies! xoxo