Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Portland Fashion Photographer: Published Work

After my first editorial "Through the Trailer Park" was published on Ben Trovato in 2012, I found myself swimming in a new pool of opportunites. Because of that one publication, agencies and magazines suddenly began knocking at my door. Or 20th century speak: writing emails. (Thanks and many many kisses to Marius of BT!) But the truth is, agencies and publishers are always looking for something fresh. Something new. Two days later my editorial was pushed to the bottom of the landing page and after a week was archived, only found through a search.
I didn't find this disheartening though. I found it exciting and took it as a personal challenge to continue producing great work and knocking those publishers off their desk chairs.
I find that it keeps me inspired and sharper to shoot these "tests" now and again. My portfolio stays fresh and clients seem more inspired by my editorial work that past commercial work anyhow. The big hope is that my photos keeps circulating until they find themselves in the right hands- fingers crossed.

So, on that note- I am really excited about this recent test with one of my favorite makeup artists, Kelly Peach and personal muse, Jessica Smith of Major Models in NYC. A new face on set was Marris Essex who joined us for styling...


Hope you enjoy this sneak peek. These will be the only two until it's picked up for publication. xoxo

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