Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Portland Fashion Photographer: Portland's Pretty FEATURE

Meet Marissa Sullivan of Portland's Pretty. She is a fashion blogger I first met and photographed nearly two years ago. Marissa is a warm, funny girl with a self-proclaimed NW send of style.
Her blog captures and reports a large percentage of the indie fashion scene in Portland and her casual approach gives her the opportunity to post frequently. Not only that, but she is a babe HERSELF! I was excited to shoot her for our first installment of "Fashion's Night In" which is in collaboration with Rhapsody Boutique and features fashionista's from all walks of life. Check back or subscribe for our bi-monthly Blog feature of Rhapsody's Blog and recaps to be seen here.


What was the best style advice you received and who gave it to you? This has stuck with me since I read it: ”I don’t hate anything in fashion. Everything is okay as long as you do it with enough conviction. Hating on stuff is what causes mediocrity and conformism. It makes people nervous and cautious and they start reining in their flamboyant impulses. So you could say ‘I hate hating.” – Simon Doonan

-Marissa (as reported on Rhapsody)

Check out her full interview here.

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