Monday, January 14, 2013

Portland Fashion Photographer: Lavenda's Closet

Another blog post on some of my holiday haul... The scarf is Marc Jacobs, striped top from Ella's Godmother, Lori, from JCREW and the skirt is Talulah. I actually picked up the skirt on my last trip to NYC from Aritzia...
I wanted to pair this striped, pretty shirt with something a little more fun, but then play down the sequins and color with the black scarf and my ZARA jacket.
The shoes are by Senso and I love this nude booty with bare legs, because I feel like it extends my legs and makes my 5'4 frame look much longer.

You can find more Senso shoes here on Solestruck's site! 


Alice {the CosmicCollage} said...

You are gorgeous! And that's really pretty outfit.
I'll have to remember that nude heel/bare leg tip...I need all the lengthening I can get on my tiny 5 ft frame!

Candida Maceo said...

Adorable! Although I have no idea how you can stand to be outside with bare legs. ;)


Lavenda Memory said...

It's true that if I am going to be outside much, I will throw on black leggings or some over-the-knee socks, Candida! But other times, I get so tired of the winter layering and just bare it for the few seconds from my car to the cafe to the meeting or whatever... :)

And YES Alice! I have many, many tips on how to lengthen, haha. I'll have to do a "vertically challenged" post. :)

Eva Marie Myers said...

This is probably one of my fav outfits, and those shoes are absolutely wonderful! Adorable:)