Thursday, January 17, 2013

Portland Fashion Photographer: Lavenda's Closet

This is a little "wishful spring" outfit I put together and then couldn't wear because of the near- freezing temparatures. I am asked often asked rhetorical questions by less-daring skeptics such as "oh, my- aren't you cold in that?" And the truthful answer with this outfit would have been hells yes I'm cold!

 photo lastoutfit-100_zps602aa77f.jpg

 photo lastoutfit-100-2_zpsd6418066.jpg

Shirt: Abercrombie, Cardigan: Alexandar Wang, Skirt: Asos, Necklace: Top Shop, Shoes: EllyClay 


Alice {the CosmicCollage} said...

Wow wow wow you are brave! I walk around St John's all day FREEZING cold even today with the beautiful sunshine! There was frost everywhere.
You sure look gorgeous in the outfit tho! Killer heels. love them.

Lavenda Memory said...

Yeah, I live in the Hollywood district so I drive to all my appointments and spend a lot of time in my car. It helps with some outfit flexibility, but DANG it was cold the other day... Gotta remember to pile up and layer.