Monday, July 29, 2013

Create and Cultivate: Portland

Dude. I was blown away by the Create and Cultivate event this weekend. 
Originally brought on as the event photographer- No Subject (the FABU production company) offered me a spot in all of the seminars and workshops, so I was able to sit in and create right alongside the other attendees.
I was spirited by the energy and inspiration of all the amazing woman at the event and was glad for a lot of socializing opportunities over mimosas, happy hour and dinner. It was an honor to meet so many ambitious, strong women in one setting. And all of them so different- coming from different areas of business and the arts.
The event is meant to "bring together an amazing group of creatives, learn a few things, enjoy a few cocktails and get our hands a little dirty. Past events include locations NYC, LA and most recently, Portland. The list of seminars included speakers from Forever Photography, Wild Fang and more. Plus, the sponsors provided ever-flowing mimosas, cocktails and wine so the ladies were warmed up and ready to socialize. 

It made for a cozy, intimate day of creativity and introductions. 

Here are a few shots of my favorite workshop- a DIY by ERBA Floral Studio. This was my first time making a floral headpiece and I was pleasantly surprised by how different everyone's pieces turned out.
 photo createcultivateblog_zpse369f477.jpg

I was freaking DYING once I realized Wild Fang would be speaking and felt like I was meeting a celebrity upon introduction. I mean, I am a fashion photographer in the NW, so I have been following this Tom Boy- inspired brand from their first leaked video. Whew. I am still inspired by their amazing presentation. Passion. Vision. Heart. Please check them out!

Another favorite workshop was the DIY earings by Betsy and Iya. I was SO excited to see what everyone came up with. I snapped lots of photos- so you'll have to check them out on NoSubject's page here this week!

 photo blogcc_zps37e7412b.jpg

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