Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fashion With Kelly: The Newest Question Mark in Our Closets

Bow down to fashion's newest conundrum: The Peg Leg Pant.

This sleek, elevated-looking trouser will inevitably become a part of your summer-to-fall-transition wardrobe, as it is catching like wildfire. Recently, I have seen this style pop up in every relevant store known to womankind.
Even though I'd love to dive deep into this trend right away, I find this silhouette to be quite the enigma -- so much volume at the top of the pant tapering down to an ankle-length fit... Is that a good idea? My head is spinning.
After a quick study sesh though, here is what I arrived at:

Albeit perplexing, I kept it simple by choosing a solid-colored pant paired with an abstract print tank. This sort of bottom is simply begging for a top that fits well but still feels effortless, so I'd also pair it with a silk button up or a dolman sleeve tee. These sorts of combinations will make you feel sophisticated-fun, dressed up or down.  Since I picked a burnt orange, canvas & black foundation, I decided to accent with this neat 70's-inspired palette: gold, mustard yellow, vanilla and a pop of turquoise. The accessories are fresh and playful, with a beaded necklace, wool clutch, and gold hoops for texture and shape! This look ended up feeling upscale, but also very down-to-earth.

Shop the Look:

Ollin Tank by Rachel Comey
Cream Quilt Pants by Black Crane
Pendleton Clutch by S E A E C H O
Vanilla Wood Sunglasses by Karen Walker
Beaded Necklace by Is Was + Will Be

Problem solved? I'd say so!

If any of y'alls have a fashion quandary to solve, I'm up to the challenge, just let me know!



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