Friday, September 13, 2013

Portland Fashion Week: First Night

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Had a great time getting ready for the show with fellow fashion bloggers, Jade and Samantha last night. There was some last minute scrambling to pull my look together (I left my jewelry at home) but isn't the best figuring all that out with fashion bloggers? I actually gave Jade my card and let her pick out a necklace for me while I finished up in makeup.

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The Convention Center location for this year's show was a sweet choice. The vibe was somewhere right in the middle of swanky and intimate, with light projections leading us around the huge space and a great seating set up. (Not a bad seat in the house). 

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The red carpet was fun and the designer booths gave us a lot to do between taking pictures at the photo-booth and visiting other attendees. 
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The show itself started out beautifully. I was aware that there would be some alumni showing last night, but it seemed to deter some from staying for the full show. I snapped some of my favorite looks for you to check out.

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Perhaps my favorite crowd reaction was to the risque collection by an AI Alumni which included mostly sheer pieces in an all-lingerie collection.

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Designers Featured: • Alumni and current students of AiPD • Briana Jacobs – 2013 Emerging Designer • Karen Davis  - 2013 Emerging Designer • Rachel Rector - 2013 Emerging Designer • E.G. Page • Adorn - See more at:

I wanted to give Luna Bars a shout out as well. The ladies were so fabulous and let us come back at least a dozen times to "sample" their bars. (I was hungry and probably ate 3 full bars total.) The Coconut Chocolate bar was my FAVORITE and I love the ingredient list on these natural bars. Try them if you aren't already a fan!

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2 comments: said...

Great hanging at the fashion show! xo

rachel red lips said...

Hi! I just saw this! I'm Rachel Rector, the lingerie designer. Just wanted to say I'm not actually an AI alum! Just a lucky emerging designer who was picked to showcase my first collection.

Thanks for the write up!