Friday, October 18, 2013

Design Week: Meet some of the Faces Behind Domestic

I wanted to do a follow up post on the amazing stylists who were on site for the Trunk Show. Jasmine, the genius behind this 4 day event was on site looking sleek and sophisticated in her AMAZING camo denim.

 photo domestic3_zps5a9763c7.jpg

I've worked with emmy-winning, Amanda, the featured stylist of the trunk show previously and it was fun to see her in her element on Saturday. She had beautiful pieces pulled and displayed throughout the show room.

 photo domestic2_zps1a7ecd77.jpg

Portland-famous, Charity, (if you haven't partied with this girl, you're missing out) arrived in a self-made ensemble for Adidas.

 photo domestic1_zps02b96cf5.jpg

The lovely ladies of Cabana had a room set up as well and had some gorgeous pieces from up-and-coming designers on their racks.

 photo domesticblog-106_zps8f69a71e.jpg

I had to skip out for rehearsals, so got my shopping done early, but the ladies had a succesful trunk show and will hopefully be planning a repeat for next year!

 photo domesticblog-102_zpsb1e0a262.jpg

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