Friday, November 18, 2011

Portland Fashion Photographer: Fair Weather


I snapped a photo of this gorgeous cloud cover back in August. These days I am super lucky to get a day where it's not pouring on me. (Sad face). Truly a sunny-weather girl, this time of year- without fail- I find myself itching to get out of town, or at least find a cozy fire somewhere and throw off my shoes.
Needless to say, Portland's winters pose a challenge for photographers like myself who enjoy shooting mostly on-location. Instead of complaining about it every year, however, I've come to terms with Portlands wet winters and have figured out some good compromises.
The first thing I do is let the client know that overcast skies are actually a GOOD thing! Most of my clients don't know that clouds act like a giant diffuser of the sun and actually soften the light so that it's even and more flattering. Obviously, everyone is pretty excited about flattering light so we get off to a good start!
Secondly, I try and find a location with cover. Just yesterday I had a session that required some good, natural light despite the on again off again downpour. I chose a location beneath a bridge so that when the rain lifted a couple minutes we could step out and shoot, or take advantage of the cover while it poured.
Lastly, I've become a pro at spying those gorgeous suns on the weather forecast and of course try and schedule accordingly!

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