Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Catalog: Hello Eliza

Did I forget to mention that I met and fell in love with one of my favorite designers, Eliza Harrison of Hello Eliza, just earlier this year? What started as a casual work meeting has turned into a full fledged fashion collaboration. While I place my little pinkies to my mouth and chuckle villainously, I must type a  "TO BE CONTINUED" clause here. (Some secret FASHION plans you'll bite your lip over are in the works... ) A little hint: Think Street.
We got together and shot Eliza's first official lookbook this summer, as well as her catalog shots of her 2012 collection. Her mantra "From Skid Row to Front Row" describes perfectly this personalized prints collection. Where else can you find cannabis leaves next to a revolver and a not-so-mickey mouse?
Here is a screen shot of her shop. I will be doing some re-edits on the actual editorial before claiming bragging rights there, but please do shop away in the meantime! The little mice do no bite.


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