Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shooting this Weekend/ How to Wear fashionable Camo

I have this modeling special this weekend, which booked up in less than a week and I've been looking forward to all month! Shooting with models and understanding how they'll be marketing themselves and then catering the shoot around their image is fun, challenging and inspiring for me.
Tomorrow I'll be working with some familiar faces and some new ones- even a model from Seattle!
Anyhow, I look forward to sharing some of the different images they- and their agencies- will select from our shoot this weekend.

On another note... we were expecting freezing rain yesterday. Ugh. I really miss summer on days like that. I was headed to a film-set for a commercial. I wore something I was hoping they'd select for the final shoot, which I don't have photos of sadly. But it's cool, cause they picked something else and you'll see that on the commercial eventually...

Instead of that outfit, you can see this outfit I wore the other day... I haven't been a huge fan of camo since middle school camp, where it was cool to wear oversized camo pants with a white tank top. (Yes, this was rural, Oregon and no, I was not exempt from this fashion statement).

 photo myblogcamo-100_zpsaead1e39.jpg
 photo lavendasclosetgijoe-102_zps95bbd254.jpg
 photo myblogcamo_zps11b0882d.jpg

This little dress with a camo-inspired print is much more friendly on the eyes and easy to dress up or dress down. I played up on the rugged feel with a beanie and suede booties. But the pop of color in these Ego and Greed wedges makes it a bit more playful and feminine. Necklaces are from Junghwa and Brandy Melville.  Bracelets are from Forever21 and Nordstrom.

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