Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lounge Lizard: Red Wing Shoes Event

Stopped in to check out the beautiful event at Lizard Lounge event last night, celebrating Red Wing's re-launch of 2 iconic shoe styles, 875 and 877. I was delighted to get invited to this event, since it was my first time stepping into the sprawling store and I had always wanted to peruse their inventory. Whoo hoo! I was not disappointed!

Of course, I was pretty impressed with the event itself and RedWing shoes. Paul and Williams did a beautiful job producing the event and right when I walked in, I found myself introduced to the brand through a creative installation. The shoes were a part of a bigger story and I had the opportunity to appreciate the brand and learn a bit about it's origins.

The vibe of the party once inside was exactly what I image is RedWing's demographic. I love their boots myself and check it out- I can see them on some of these beautiful peeps as well.

 photo blog2_zps72328d6a.jpg

 photo blog7_zpsb5f83e79.jpg
 photo blog3_zps6a58eb83.jpg
 photo 1061669_10151438599862257_553107508_n_zps2595c87b.jpg
 photo blog1_zps3fc0d827.jpg
 photo 1059224_10151438600022257_1850479459_n_zps343874d3.jpg
 photo blog4_zps184eafe9.jpg
 photo 1061008_10151438600472257_936641683_n_zpsdc2e9556.jpg
 photo blog6_zps03eb2694.jpg

Love the trend of live haircuts at parties recently. They had a sweet set up at Lizard Lounge, as well as flowing kegs and drink options for attendees. The photo booth was fun too! Delia and I jumped in and were happy to see the printer spit out a copy for each of us.

I wore a really simple outfit- AE denim top with an Isaac Her's maxi and my Tied Up and Tousled necklace. Ran into one of my favorite Portland photographers- Boone Rodgriquez who was the official event photographer and that cutie in the red-shirt? She was one of the producers of the event- Delia Tethong.

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Melanie Moseley said...

Lizard Lounge is the name of the place! Lounge Lizard is a retro furniture store on Hawthorne in the SE :)